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171 Nahatan Street/Olde Colonial Cafe
Norwood, Massachusetts

Residents of Norwood, Massachusetts, are no strangers to the beautiful old building located on 171 Nahatan Street. Playing many different roles throughout history, the community-owned building once served as a local fire hall but is now home to the Olde Colonial Cafe. Over the years, the building’s back door has often delivered something that the restaurant never included on its menu – inches of flood water caused by any heavy rainfall. An important access point for deliveries and restaurant employees, the back door leads to a basement that houses a commercial kitchen and storage area for restaurant supplies.

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YMCA Of Frederick County
Frederick, Maryland

Historically, flooding has not been a concern for the residents of Frederick, Maryland. One uncharacteristically torrential rainstorm in 2015 changed that for good. The sudden influx of water caused storm drains throughout the city to back up and overflow into the streets. Floodwater rose to dangerous levels in a matter of hours and quickly began to make its way into homes and businesses, including the YMCA of Frederick County. Having operated in the same building for more than 60 years without any flooding issues, the YMCA didn’t have flood protection in place at the time.

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Eenhoorn/Plaza Towers: 
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Located along the shores of the mighty Grand River in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, lies the luxury high-rise known as Plaza Towers. It is owned by Eenhoorn, a national property management company that uses the building as its corporate office (it also houses a Marriott hotel and a variety of apartments and condominiums). In recent years, Plaza Towers has struggled with flooding from the nearby Grand River, and despite having in-building flood protection in place, the high-rise has suffered extensive damage to its lower levels. 

In the winter of 2016, the leaders at Eenhoorn concluded that more effective flood protection was necessary. After researching potential flood protection products, they decided to put their trust in PS Flood Barriers™ to find a solution. The building’s pedestrian walkway presented the most acute challenge. It measures 15 feet by 12.5 feet and is located between a permanent wall structure at the front of the Plaza Towers complex. Eenhoorn had attempted to protect this area with sandbags but found no success. City regulations required the pedestrian walkway to stay accessible at all times, so any flood protection that presented a permanent obstruction was off the table. 

PS Flood Barriers knew that Plaza Towers needed a flood solution that would comply with city regulations while also having the strength and versatility to close off the large opening… 

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Lower Merion Township: 
Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

When storms caused two floods within five years, the town’s engineers turned to PS Flood Barriers for help.

“We looked at several different options and manufacturers for flood protection. There were a lot of different methods of protection and most involved some sort of locking mechanism or pneumatic system. However, we didn’t want crews to have to run out in the middle of a storm to deploy anything. PS DOORS was the first manufacturer I came across whose product looked and acted like a regular door…”

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Clinton LumberKings
Clinton, Iowa

In 2006, the stadium underwent a $4.2 million renovation, which included refurbishing the team’s main offices. Around this same time, new federal mandates required the city of Clinton to separate sanitary sewer water (water from homes and businesses) from storm sewer water (water from rainfall runoff and other drainage). Prior to this, both sources of water would drain into the water treatment plant before being emptied into the Mississippi River.

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Ocean County Utilities Authority
Ocean County, New Jersey

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast. Part of that destruction was flooding at wastewater pump stations located in Ocean County, New Jersey. As FEMA stepped in to help mitigate the impact of Sandy’s destruction, one of the stipulations for OCUA to receive FEMA assistance was the installation of flood protection barriers. OCUA looked into several companies to do the job and was most impressed with the experience of PS Flood Barriers and the simplicity and quality of the company’s flood planks.

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ConEdison Flood DoorCon Edison
New York City, New York

As a result of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Con Edison, an energy company providing electricity, gas and steam service to more than 10 million people in New York City and Westchester County, needed to improve its flood protection efforts in facilities where gas pipes surfaced. Con Edison selected PS Flood Barriers to step up to the challenge, and it accepted.

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Miller Coors – Golden, Colorado

Vertical Lift Flood Barriermiller_coors-20160302_091640

NASA – Houston, Texas

Flood Hatch and PD-520

New York City Department Of Sanitation

Flood Plank System2015-01-26_11-27-46

National Archives – Washington, DC

Self-Closing Flood Barrier


Kings Supermarket – Hillsdale, New Jersey

30′ x 4′ Storefront Flood Plank System


Verizon Building – New York City Broad Street

Stainless Steel Pedestrian Flood Door


Metro Transit Line 7 Fan Plant – New York City, New York

Stainless Steel Pedestrian Flood Doorpd-520p_sst__4_nyc_mta_line_7_fan_plant-a

Chrysler Museum Of Art – Norfolk, Virginia

Flood Plank System

“Due to the success with the doors we purchased from your company a couple years ago, I am looking into additional flood protection for other doors we have.”
-Timothy Fink, Facilities Managementtesimonial-flood-plank-chrysler-museam

Revel Casino – Atlantic City, New Jersey

Flood Plank System

“The sump pump for the elevators failed but the flood barriers did their job with no leakage!”
-Bob Keeper, South Jersey Overhead Door Co.picture1

New York City, New York

Flood Plank protecting a pedestrian exterior walk door