Latest PS Flood Barriers News

PS DOORS Revolutionizing Spill Containment Barriers

Grand Forks, North Dakota, August 2, 2016 / PR Newswire / – PS DOORS is now adapting three of its most successful flood prevention products for the purpose of industrial spill containment. Proven to stop floodwaters, these doors and barriers will now keep workers, facilities and the environment safe from industrial spills.

Custom Flood Doors

A customer called PS DOORS with a unique request. He needed flood protection for critical infrastructure inside his Pennsylvania pump station.

Level 2 Platinum Status

The PS DOORS Flood Plank System, Pedestrian Flood Door, and Mechanical Room Flood Door have achieved Level 2 Platinum status through the National Flood Barrier Testing and Certification Program. The Association of State Flood Plain Managers (ASFPM), in partnership with FM Approvals and the US Army Corps of Engineers /National Flood Proofing Committee (NFPC), have tested and approved these PS DOORS products to carry their FM Approved Label. This is the most prestigious status granted in the flood protection industry.

NCI Awarded Perseverance Award for Flood-Proofed Building

Norwalk Concrete Industries (Norwalk, OH) is the recipient of Easi‐Set Industries’ Perseverance Award, granted to Easi‐Set licensees who demonstrate a willingness to tackle difficult projects. This year’s winning project was a dry flood-proofed building installed in a Fairborn, OH flood-prone area to provide emergency generator and pumping service during flood periods.

PS Doors Releases EzDAM™ Flood Barrier, an Economical and Quick Deployment Flood Protection Solution for Single- and Multi‐Door Openings

PS Doors’ latest flood protection solution, the EzDAM™ Flood Barrier, is a cost‐effective, quick deployment option available in single or multiple barrier variations. Constructed of light‐weight aluminum, this flood protection product is corrosion-resistant for longevity. The EzDAM Flood Barrier provides reliable flood protection that virtually anyone can install on a moment’s notice.