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Can Your Property Survive the Most Powerful Force On Earth?

As our climate becomes more unpredictable, you need a dependable defense against storms, hurricanes and flooding. PS Flood Barriers provides solutions that are proven in real-life situations and recognized by the world’s most respected names in testing, certification and insurance including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, FM Global, FEMA and more.

PS DOORS Is An AIA/CES Program Approved Proider

PS DOORS continuing education programs help design professionals earn one AIA/CES learning unit toward maintaining their AIA membership. By completing the PS DOORS Dry Flood Proofing course, architects will understand the importance of dry proofing methods and gain knowledge on how to protect properties from dangerous flooding.

FP-530 Flood Plank Featured in FM Approvals Video

Floods can be devastating and put an end user out of business for a long period of time. When the flood is coming, you need the very best in flood mitigation products; products that have been tested providing the confidence that they will function as intended when the water starts to rise. The PD-530 Flood Plank is tested and certified to ANSI/FM 2510, Flood Abatement Standard, to protect your property against flooding.

Flood Walls And Planks

Flood proofing is an investment in protecting your building. It gives you peace of mind and can drastically reduce the risk of costly flooding disasters. When flooding happens, the ability to react quickly and protect infrastructure is critical. Using barriers to stop floodwaters from reaching damageable portions of your building is considered a dry flood proofing method. Dry flood proofing is commonly used to protect openings such as pedestrian doors, garage doors, driveways, dock doors, building exteriors and storefronts.

New! Fire Rated Flood Door

PS DOORS has addressed two facility management concerns in one door with its new PD-522FFR Fire Rated Flood Door. The only door of its kind, the PD-522FFR is specifically engineered for interior and exterior openings requiring watertight flood protection and a 90-minute fire rating. Best of all, it provides this dual-defense functionality while still acting as a normal-use swing door.

PS DOORS Revolutionizing Spill Containment Barriers

Grand Forks, North Dakota, August 2, 2016 / PR Newswire / – PS DOORS is now adapting three of its most successful flood prevention products for the purpose of industrial spill containment. Proven to stop floodwaters, these doors and barriers will now keep workers, facilities and the environment safe from industrial spills.

Custom Flood Doors

A customer called PS DOORS with a unique request. He needed flood protection for critical infrastructure inside his Pennsylvania pump station.

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