PROVEN SOLUTIONS: Unique Challenges Call For Custom Solutions

Industry has been built on ingenuity (you know, “necessity is the mother of invention,” and all that), but as a result, many companies face something of a consistency problem. Seven out of ten pieces of equipment in their plant are “standard,” but those other three have been modified somehow to meet a unique need. Industrial doors and barriers often face similar challenges, and as a result, one-size-fits-all solutions simply aren’t realistic for all situations. Some of the most important jobs in an industrial setting need to be done by custom-built products, and that goes for doors, hatches, gates and barriers as much as it does for automation and technology.

The Facts:

There’s a reason that data has become so important to industry: it helps business leaders to track and manage the thousands (millions?) of variables that are involved with creating even the most basic product. With this many possible variations in every process, no two systems are ever exactly the same, nor are the facilities, rooms and enclosures that house them.

The Challenge:

Doors, hatches, gates and barriers need to fit – not just physically, but also in the sense that they need to do exactly what is being asked of them so that people and property are protected. These custom access solutions aren’t easy to design or build – they take experience and resources.

The Solution:

PS Industries is a manufacturer who partners with you from concept to completion, developing custom-engineered solutions that get industry-proven results. No matter the environment or the application, these access solutions, safety products and flood barriers are designed and manufactured to ensure the safety of workers and the productivity of machines.

Three primary brands make the lion’s share of products at PS Industries, and each of them feature custom-built variations for virtually every product.

PS Safety Access

This is a complete line of safety and fall-protection products that help to keep employees safe and increase material handling efficiency. Our popular EdgeHalt® Ladder Safety Gates, for example, include models with adjustable widths and a wide variety of finishes, making them a perfect fit for nearly any ladder way. That flexibility is just the beginning, however, as virtually every product – from mezzanine gates to loading dock gates to safety railings – can be fully customized to do the unique job you need done.

PS Access Solutions

A complete line of industrial doors and hatches constructed to specifically withstand the abuses of industry and manufacturing, each can be custom designed to fit your building, no matter the size, shape or environment. We build doors and hatches that stand up to the rigors of manufacturing, production and even mining/power generation. In fact, if a customer needs a door or hatch that doesn’t exist yet, we engineer one that checks all of the unique boxes they need checked.

PS Flood Barriers

Whether you’re dealing with coastal flooding from hurricanes or flash flooding from heavy rainfall, PS Flood Barriers manufactures passive- and active-deployment products designed to handle virtually every type of flooding situation. These doors and barriers are engineered to meet the requirements of the International Building Code – the same structural expectations as your building itself. There are many models to choose from, but sometimes the best flood protection in a unique situation calls for a modified barrier – or even one built entirely using one-of-a-kind specifications. It’s something the PS Flood Barriers team does every day.

It takes a unique team to build custom access solutions. The experienced professionals at PS Industries creates a partnership with each of our customers based on a unique combination of abilities:

  • If your problem is unique, choose a partner that develops custom engineered solutions that provide value.
  • If you don’t know where to start, choose a partner that manages projects from concept through completion.
  • If you want to be confident in your decision, choose a partner with industry-proven performance.

Want to learn more about how the PS Industries brands can help your business with its unique challenges? Contact us today by clicking here or call us at 877-446-1519.