HydroDefense™ Flood Plank™




  • Aluminum construction, corrosion resistant
  • Latch system designed for simple, easy deployment
  • Planks are stored away from your opening – installed at time of flooding only
  • Custom designed to fit your opening size
  • Simple installation – in most applications, lightweight planks can be installed by a single individual
  • Compression sealed with simple latch system
  • Sill embeds are flush to concrete, no trip hazard

Frequently Asked Questions

The HydroDefense Flood Plank is approximately three pounds per linear foot.

The HydroDefense Flood Plank can be stored away from the opening in a fashion that does not compress the gaskets.

Yes, the standard design is for the jamb channel to remain on the wall when the HydroDefense Flood Planks are not in use. There is an option for a completely removable system.

There is a gasket on the bottom of the bottom plank that seals down to an embedded sill (in the concrete). Though it is always recommended, if conditions are ideal with a completely flat and smooth surface to seal to with no variations, joints or cracks, then the sill may be omitted.

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