PS Flood Barriers Case Study: Houston Hurricane Harvey Success Stories

Houston, Texas


In the Galleria area in downtown Houston lies one of the country’s largest church congregations. This church is located in a building that was once a multipurpose sports arena. Before the church took possession of this building, the facility experienced frequent flooding because its main entrances were located in a low-lying area. The vulnerability of these entrances was revealed when Tropical Storm Allison hit southeast Texas in 2001, flooding the building with five feet of water. The church took over the building’s lease in 2003 and began making significant renovations to convert the arena to better suit its needs. As one of the conditions of these renovations, the city of Houston required the church to implement more flood protection, and church officials contacted PS Flood Barriers for help.
PS Flood Barriers installed four HS-560 Sliding Flood Barriers as well as Flood Planks to protect the church. In 2017, Hurricane Harvey put the flood barriers to the ultimate test. Water came within a foot of the top of the barriers, and they held strong, saving the church from costly flood damage. “Our barriers worked just like they should,” says Terry Smith, PS Flood Barriers National Sales Manager. “What made this project particularly successful was how well everyone – the church owners, designers, architects, contractors and ourselves – worked together. It was a team effort with a great outcome.”






Hurricane Harvey wasn’t the only significant storm that Houston faced in 2017. In April of that year, a strong storm resulted in several inches of rain, causing flooding to area homes and businesses, including a high-end condo complex in the Uptown district of Houston. The condo owner was confronted with $2 million in damages because of  the flooding.
Determined to mitigate future water issues, the condo owner contacted PS Flood Barriers regarding Pedestrian Flood Doors for several of the building’s entrances. It was a  decision that would prove to be critical in the year to come.
When Hurricane Harvey hit in August of 2017, the condo’s entrances were up against 13 feet of water from the storm’s incredible rainfall. The doors did their part and kept the condos dry. “The owner was so excited that they worked,” says Smith, “that he is now our biggest fan.”








PS Flood Barriers witnessed the incredible power of water firsthand when its hometown of Grand Forks, North Dakota, experienced the disastrous Red River flood of 1997. “It’s incredibly rewarding when our products can help to save someone from flood damage,” says Smith. “Our team has personally experienced the aftermath of flooding – the cleanup, the loss of possessions, etc. – and if we can help someone avoid that, there’s nothing better.”