NCI Awarded Perseverance Award for Flood-Proofed Building

Norwalk Concrete Industries (Norwalk, OH) is the recipient of Easi‐Set Industries Perseverance Award, granted to Easi‐Set licensees who demonstrate a willingness to tackle difficult projects. This year’s winning project was a dry flood-proofed building installed in a Fairborn, OH flood-prone area to provide emergencyThe PS DOORS Pedestrian Flood Door installed in a Fairborn, OH flood prone area to provide emergency generator and pumping service during flood periods. generator and pumping service during flood periods. NCI teamed up with several engineers and suppliers to provide a superior product delivered on time and under budget.

The PS DOORS Pedestrian Flood Door, one of the most progressive products in the flood protection market today, was installed on this winning flood-proof building. The PD‐250 product is a normal use pedestrian door that also acts as a flood protection door. As long as the door is closed and latched, your facility and critical infrastructure is protected from damaging flooding and up and running throughout the storm.

PS DOORS , located in Grand Forks, ND, is an industry leader in the design and custom manufacturing of flood protection products and barriers. Established in 1974, PS DOORS utilizes certified welders, engineers, 3‐D CAPD professionals and fully integrated ERP manufacturing software to build reliable flood products for buildings throughout the world.