Custom Flood Doors

One door at a time.

The Story:

A customer called PS DOORS with a unique request. He needed flood protection for critical infrastructure inside his Pennsylvania pump station.

Product Requirements:

  • Flood doors must always be in place and ready for potential flooding – it is important that employees do not have to shut the flood door or barrier to activate flood protection
  • Flood doors must include an employee walk door (with emergency egress)
  • Flood doors must accommodate an elevated monorail track system that runs throughout the building

Knowing it was unlikely to find exactly what he was looking for, he called PS DOORS for help.

The Product:

Custom Flood DoorThe PS DOORS sales and design team reviewed this request and manufactured a flood door to meet his needs. This custom product provides 3 feet of water protection and functions as a personnel door for employees use. Pedestrian Flood Doors are always in place – as long as the door is closed and latched, the building is protected from dangerous and costly flooding.

Paired Swing Door: 65″ wide door panel, stainless steel construction with removable mullion and header.

Paired Monorail Door (elevated): 65” wide x 118” tall, stainless steel construction with handle hardware.

PS DOORS flood protection products are carefully designed and engineered to meet your needs. PS DOORS has been serving customers around the world since 1974. All products are made in the USA. If you have a unique industrial door request, we invite you to contact us. PS DOORS: exceeding customer expectations, one door at a time.