EzDam® Flood Barriers




  • Economical cost
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Great alternative to sandbags
  • Deployment requires only one person
  • Easy to store, does not require storage at door opening
  • Any custom size can be created and made to fit any size door or opening (42” and 52” wide barriers immediately available)
  • Ships in 3 days or less; limited to stock on hand

Frequently Asked Questions

The EzDam is secured with screws anchoring the jambs to the wall and sealed with urethane sealant.

No, the widest model of EzDam is 52”. A multi-barrier configuration is available to span wider openings, however, a different product may be better suitable for this situation.

Yes, the EzDam can be used in a residential application. The EzDam barrier is designed to attach to concrete or concrete blocks. If you have a different surface to mount to, please consult a structural engineer to assess the capacity of your walls.

The EzDam is only available in a positive pressure orientations. This means that the water pressure needs to push the barrier back against the gasket and jambs.

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